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Folio was originally designed as a "pile" upon which samples of projects undertaken in Foard Media's 35-year history could be "tossed" and miraculously made available to the public for viewing on the Internet.  Wishful thinking ... the miraculous part that is.  Today Folio is divided into 3 areas: display, flash and web.  Display samples range from print advertising to outdoor, logos to signage.  All 3 areas are in a constant state of change, as Folio is far from comprehensive and additions are made as time permits.  We invite you to visit the many other facets of Foard Media via the "Universal Menu" at the top of this page.  Thank you for visiting.
How to Navigate Folio
Foard Media creates market appeal with bold statements supported by high-impact, yet transparently simple design.  Folio was developed more as a means of preserving an internal record of past projects than an advertising vehicle for the firm.  Consequently, the concept of small resolution graphics was deemed undesirable.   Folio is designed to display on a 1,280 pixel monitor which may be too big for some displays. It is recommended a full-screen display be used for viewing (press F11 on most Windows browsers).  We are in the process of providing an alternative module for viewing in 1024 resolution.
Folio Production Notes
Creating Folio was not easy.  Much of the work was produced before digital computer design.  Many of the pieces shown are  large posters and full-page newspaper ads which yellow quickly.  Pieces were digitized in a variety of processes many of which were re-miniscent of large-scale reprographics.  The final coding off the website taps a diverse array of php, javascript, flash and css styling.  The pages are html 4.01 strict doctypes.
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