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Willim Foard with engineer Mike Green
      Rooted in graphic design, music and audio production, Foard Media began in 1975 as Belle Street Productions.  It was one of many cottage-industry creative shops in the post 60's, neo-hippy, ante-disco era which rejected the corporate class in favor of "doing our own thing."
      The compnay emerged as Communication Design Associates, Inc. a full service advertising and creative marketing agency in the early 1980's  It  became known for high-end graphic design and as a pioneer in the use of computers for graphic arts.
     In 1987 founder William Foard created a concept for a national sports talk show, "Baseball Sunday."  Foard Entertainment Network, Inc. was launced to produce and syndicate the show which subsequntly aired on 200 stations coast-tocoast.
     Known for its expertise in entertianment and media design and marketing, the firms focus is on media ventures.
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